Solo Travel Like a Business and Lifestyle Phenomenon

Solo Travel Like a Business and Lifestyle Phenomenon

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“The person who goes alone can begin today but he who travels with another must wait until that other is prepared.” – Henry David Thoreau

When the statistics are any indicator, many travelers accept Thoreau. In growing figures, folks are traveling on your own as opposed to just awaiting others to participate them.

Solo travelers recently have totaled 21 million in only the united states and United kingdom combined. According to a different You are able to Occasions article in November. 2012, Internet looks for “solo travel packages” were up 60% within the prior year. The United States Department of Commerce’s Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (“OTTI”) reported that the staggering 42% of U.S. citizens/residents that went abroad this year traveled alone. Of individuals individual travelers, 38% traveled for leisure in order to visit buddies & relatives (“VFR”) and 66% for business. Similarly, inbound solo travelers from abroad totaled 36.2%. Of individuals, 23.6% were on leisure trips and and 62.2% for work. E-commerce and lifestyle phenomenon continues to be growing tremendously.

Who’re solo travelers?

Solo travelers are a much wider group than simply the only population. They might be:

• Two-career couples on business travel or “DINK’S” (Dual Earnings No Kids).

• Individuals with relatives or buddies abroad.

• Family people going after separate sports/hobbies overseas.

Abercrombie & Kent’s Jill Fawcett has described their solo travelers as: “frequently… married and have partners, however the spouses don’t share exactly the same interest… They would like to travel with like-minded people and also the small group provides them some interaction. They return to the privacy that belongs to them room… 25% of people that go for our Extreme Adventure series are (also) solo travelers,” she stated. “People feel a bit more secure inside a group when the destination is intimidating or there is a language barrier.” Solo Travel Keeps Growing in a Rapid Rate Phil Hoffman travel blog, 10/25/11.

Based on Grand Circle Corp chairman Alan Lewis, “Women really are a growing pressure within the solo travel market… in which the solo market is continuing to grow from about 20% to 25% of [Grand Circle’s] overall bookings in the past 5 years.”

Single travelers still still play an energetic role in solo travel. Their growth is obvious in Europe and The United States where individuals are marrying later and could be divorced, widowed or never married. Based on a March 19, 2013 article titled “The Growing Solo Travel Market”,, average single households total the following:

• 35% of households in civilized world

• 40% in Finland and Norwegian (2011)

• 37% within the Netherlands (2011)

• 27% in america (2010), 29% within the United kingdom (2011) and 28% in Canada (2011).

How can solos travel?

Solo travel might not always mean traveling like a “group of 1”. Individuals may choose

1. Escorted group tours

2. Independent tours

3. Travel alone and choose their very own hotels/tours

What Issues Confront Individuals Traveling On Your Own?

There’s two primary challenges for individual travelers.

• Attractive prices: Lodging, tours and cruise trips are priced routinely on double occupancy. Most cruises and tours need a single supplement for individuals traveling on your own. Even though this is not always 2X, the cost differential could be substantial. This really is most pronounced in tour packages, particularly cruises which have “2-for-the-cost of just one” early booking promotionals. Consequently, individuals traveling on your own may pay 3-4X couples/pairs.

• High quality access and repair: Inside a busy holiday or tourist season, the unaccompanied traveler might be given less desirable accommodations or tables in restaurants. Actually, even five star hotels might be reluctant to consider an evening meal reservation for just one even if your individual traveler is really a guest from the hotel. Many of the true on Saturday nights and holidays. The choice might be sitting in the bar for supper notwithstanding the dining room has vacant tables. On cruises/river cruises or any other tours with “open seating”, tables are usually setup for figures. The end result? These travelers have to face a “standup” buffet or participating in sleuthing to locate an available seat.

What’s the Business Chance?

This travel phenomenon keeps growing tremendously but still represents an underserved niche. The chance for that market is substantial, prioritized the following:

Leisure travelers: Those are the largest number of industry revenues. However, a smaller sized percentage go alone for leisure trips. The beneficiaries: airlines, hotels, tours, car and concierge services.

Business travelers: Although a little part of revenues, a larger percentage take presctiption business. Furthermore, they’ve already a bigger budget than a person on vacation. Exactly the same industry segments would benefit except for tours except as potential inclusions in an worldwide trip.

VFR: Individuals visiting buddies and relatives might be met in the airport terminal and get access to local transportation. While remaining inside a private residence, meals might not be removed as often as hotel visitors. Accordingly, such travelers continuously generate new revenue mainly for airlines but they are unlikely to enhance the present marketplace for other travel services.

This sector represents a largely untapped market. Because of the sheer figures of affluent professionals and corporate executives, with the proper mixture of well-priced, high quality choices, each side benefit. The travel industry increases their existing revenues while individuals traveling on your own will get more tasks completed competitive prices and use of greater quality. It’s a market whose the years have come.

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