Important Questions You Should Ask When Selecting A Conference Venue

Important Questions You Should Ask When Selecting A Conference Venue

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Selection of a conference hall is a tricky decision. You need to be well informed about the pros and cons of the conference hall before you choose one for your business event. Without advance preparation and a thorough understanding of the venue, it can lead to disappointment. If it is your first time to select a conference call, then there are a few questions that will prove to be immensely useful in making the right decision.

Is the venue free on the selected dates?

Availability is the first and foremost thing that you need to confirm before you finalize a venue. You can ask the concerned person to provide you the details regarding availability of the venue on the desired date. Ensure that you will get required number of rooms, AV equipment, and other amenities that you need on those dates.

Is your venue accessible from the highway, airport or public transit?

You must think about the comfort of the attendees before you choose the salle congrès. You must make sure that the place should be such that it can be comfortably accessed from all types of local means of transportation. Whether your participants are coming from public transit, highway, or airport, it has to be convenient and quick to reach.

You can even know whether there is a facility of shuttle service provided to the people at the airport to the meeting place. Also, check whether there is enough parking available at the meeting venue.

Does the venue provide accommodations?

There can be clients who would be coming out of town to attend the business event. To them, you must make arrangement for accommodations. So, before you finalize a meeting place, check whether it provides adequate accommodation. If it is not provided, then you can also check nearby restaurants and hotels where they can be accommodated.

What type of atmosphere does the place offer?

Though an outdated venue can save you money, your attendees may not be contended with the feel provided by the place. So, you must pay attention to the ambiance and atmosphere of the place.


With several different types of conference halls, it can become a difficult task to find out the best one for your needs. It is obvious to get easily caught up in little details and ignore critical aspects for the success of your meeting. It is beneficial to move ahead with a plan in place.

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